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What do I do now to take me where I want to be later?

SPDA-5Whether taking off for a long weekend or looking farther down the road to a comfortable retirement, you start by answering a simple question. What do I do now to take me where I want to be later? The SPDA-5 Annuity is an ideal choice if you value the stability of an interest rate guarantee and policy options that put you in control of your future income.

Start this important journey wisely, by choosing a tax-deferred, interest-bearing investment with a 5-year guaranteed rate, outstanding death benefits and no front-end loads or policy fees.

SPDA-5 Key Features   

Interest Rate Guaranteed for 5 years

Issue Ages 0-85 (age of last birthday)

Minimum Premium $10,000 qualified or non-qualified

Monthly Interest Option Available after 30 days

Withdrawal Privileges 10% FREE withdrawals. Policyowners may withdraw up to 10% of the accumulated contract value each year after the first year, without a withdrawal charge.

Interest Rate Lock Qualifies for interest rate lock for 45 days on incoming transfers from other financial institutions.

Withdrawal Charges If a policyowner is required to take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) on a tax-qualified annuity, the withdrawal charges are waived on any RMD amount that exceeds the 10% free withdrawal provision. (RMD distributions are included in the 10% free withdrawal amount.) Any withdrawal requested in excess of that allowed under one of the penalty-free withdrawal options is subject to the following withdrawal charges, which can vary slightly by state*.

Contract Year 1 2 3 4 5 6
Withdrawal Charge 9% 8% 7% 6% 5% 0%

No MVA Withdrawal charges are waived in the event of the annuitant’s death. Withdrawal charges apply at the death of a non-annuitant owner, if death occurs during the withdrawal charge period.

Annuitization Available after 12 months for five years or longer.

Acknowledgement of Delivery Required with all cases.

Suitability Form Required with all cases at the time of application.

Ideal For Tax-Qualified Rollover Plans For example, IRA, SEP. 403(b), etc. (Inherited and Stretch IRAs are not available with Bankers.)

Nursing Care Waiver If a covered condition occurs to the annuitant, the policyowner may withdraw up to 50% of accumulated contract value without a withdrawal charge. A covered condition is defined as confinement in a Residential Care Facility or Skilled Nursing Facility for at least 90 consecutive days. The contract must be in force for at least 90 days to be covered.

Annuity is underwritten by Bankers Life Insurance Company, which is the only entity financially obligated under the annuity. This annuity has limitations that may not be described here. For costs and complete details of the annuity, contact Bankers Life Insurance Company. Annuity form not available in all states. Approval does not imply endorsement of any insurer or product. Bankers and its representatives do not give legal or tax advice. This content reflects our understanding of tax rules and regulations in effect at the time of publication. Taxes must be paid on deferred earnings when accessed. You may be responsible for income taxes on amounts withdrawn, including a 10% penalty for withdrawals prior to age 591/2. In Texas, Bankers Life conducts business as Western Bankers Life Insurance.)

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